A. Kiuchi

Researcher / Developer / Artist

Asami Kiuchi has developed a line of interactive garments, which playfully explore interpersonal communication through the behaviors of the human senses and technological systems. Her interest is to explore new dimensions of the senses by using technology as a medium of expression, and to translate between cultural abrasion and philosophical association.


2016 Group exhibition, No Patent Pending #24 (forthcoming)
2016 42nd International Computer Music Conference (forthcoming), HKU University of the Arts Utrecht
2016 Event, VERSO / Volume 2, Number 6: “Vitriol”, Amsterdam, NL
2016 Group exhibition, For I Know the Plans I Have for You, NEST, Den Haag, NL
2016 Group concert, (C)(AS)S Concert, Royal Conservatoire Den Haag, NL
2013 Group exhibition, CSI: Victory Boogie Woogie – Art in the Future Lab, Den Haag, NL
2013 Group exhibition, TodaysArt2013, Den Haag, NL


2016 Research Group Session “AWASE – Enjoy Contradiction”, CLOUD/Danslab, Den Haag, The Netherlands
2013 iDecora – Creative Workshop, Fab Café, Shibuya, Japan
2013 iDecora – Creative Workshop, FISHGROVE, Minato-ku, Japan