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Azimuth #0 concert

“This event emphasizes on utilizing spatial (multichannel) location-specific system for performing electroacoustic music. The composers are invited to create or adapt their composition for this system.”

Siamak Anvari
Title: Sehasht
Fixed media 24 channels
Duration: 16 minutes
Year: 2016

Peter van Bergen & Johan van Kreij
Title: F.16 Transforming the Space – Multiple Dialogues and groupings

Bjarni Gunnarsson
Title: Split Interiors
Fixed Media: 24 channels
Duration: 14 minutes
Year: 2016

Theo Horsmeier
Live Performance 24 Channels
Year: 2016
Bio: Theo Horsmeier studied Mathematics at University of Leiden and then studied at the Institute of Sonology

Kees Tazelaar
Title: Rayons de son
Duration: 17 minutes
Year: 2010