Report : (C)(AS)S Concert

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It was quite interesting experience to perform at the concert hall.
Thank you for all collaborators and people who helped us.
I learned a lot from yesterday’s performance.

-Behavior of Theater
Behavior of the audience was established by “rule of theater”.
For example, the audience found the end of performance when the light of audience seat was turned on.

-System error right before the performance.
We re-start whole system again. The wireless system which attached the performer had to re-start again too.
It was quite hard because the performer already on the stage(hide under the garment).
We are going to communicate the person who build up SENSE/STAGE, since we have to understand the system more.

-Light Direction
When the performance finish, light operator turn on the light of audience floor first.
Then, she turned on the light of stage, to show performer inside.
It was very unnatural. It had to take more time before turn on the light, because the performer had to get out from the garment.
Also The both light should turn on at the same timing.

-After the performance
After the performance, the performer came out from the garment and bowed to the audience, and I feel this action was quite unnatural. It looks like a magician disclose his/her trick.
We can think about how to finish this piece.

When we presented this performance at KABK, audience and performer shared one space.
But in the theater, space was divide between the audience and performer.

-Influence of previous performer
It was a lucky that we could present first and we want to keep this position since the sound is really sensitive.
Couple pieces were very big and noisy sound and “killed” audience’s ears.

We found that people have tendency to connect something abstract material to something concrete he/she knows.
We use white noise for this performance and pulse sound for last time. Both sounds itself were quite abstract, but we got many comment that said “sound like heart beat” or “sound like wind”.
I’m interested in how audience will get impression when the material of garment changed from white organic cotton to black nylon fabric.

In this piece, all elements of the performance, design of the garment, movement of performance and sound were “abstract”.
But many people made reference of organic or natural context (creature/wind) from the piece.
Is that possible to control those kind of impression to more “abstract” way?
Material can control this kind of impression?(ex:how people think if the garment was not fabric, but metal?)

It was too hard to manage the stage and made documentation at the same time.
We had to control light and sound and it was impossible to control camera.
We set up two cameras and didn’t need to move, but we need somebody to press REC button.

It took too long time for ironing. Also I had to find certain space for it, since garment was really big.