Difference Between Art Gallery and Theater

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After the performance at the KABK and the concert hall at Koncon, we found many difference between artwork in the gallery and the theater.

For example, relationship between Audience and Performer is really difference.
– Gallery : Audience have to be active to interpret an artwork. They have to find the clue to understand by themself.
– Theater : Artist have to give enough clue to audience to interpret to a work.

– Gallery : Audience can see the work as long as they want. Also they can come back to see if they want. It means, a artwork in a gallery does not have to give a audience enough clue for them to interpret an artwork.
– Theater : Audience can’t see the work after it finished. It means, the piece have to give enough clue for them to interpret an artwork during the piece.

– Gallery : Anything can be happen. Even mistake can be “happening” and audience can understand as positive way.
– Theater : Audience expect “perfect” performance without mistake.

Performance in the Gallery is kind of between. Important thing is what will happen after the performance.
Will audience see the “artwork” after the performance?