Void Un-reversed

Void Un-reversed

Void_Un-reversed from Peloham on Vimeo.

What is “self”?

“Void Un-reversed” is a mixed media performance addressing this question.
Our hypothesis is that “self” exists outside of our body though many people tend to think that “self” is confined to one’ s body.
Preconception of “self” can be revised by communicating with “space”, which is the countering concept of “body”, and by experiencing the node of the dualistic contexts, “virtual” and “real”, through acoustic and electronic sounds.

This piece is composed of a performer (dancer), sound, a garment, and sensors. The performer wears multiple wireless sensors with accelerometer and the sensor system converts performer’s movements into sound. In addition, bodily movements are translated into spatial movements through the transformable garment.

Direction and Design : Asami Kiuchi Performance : Thomas Körtvélyessy Sound and System : So Oishi Cinematographer : Ignas Pavliukevicius