Positive/Negative Space of Sound

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Conversation with So Oishi:

In visual field, we define space to “positive” and “negative”.
How can we create those two opposite in 3D space?


Maybe we can create positive space and negative space with sound.

Example 1 : John Cage “4.33”
This piece changed the idea of “music” or even “sound”.
Audience can find their own sound in this piece.
He reverse positive and negative space of sound.

Example 2 : Luc Ferrari “Presque rien” (1970)
The title means “almost nothing”.
He spend one day at the beach in Yugoslavia and recorded environment sound, then he edited to 21mins piece.
We usually think “sound” is positive and “environment noise” is negative and don’t pay attention.
This piece bring those kind of environment noise as positive.

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